Services and Experiences

Morrie Lanning offers consulting service to businesses, organizations, and units of government utilizing his expertise in government relations, water resource management, and organizational leadership and management.

Government Relations

Morrie Lanning has over 40 years of leadership experience working in and with state and local government and working with the federal government. He has focused on improving government performance and effectiveness. Examples of his experience in public policy development areas include the following:

Community Planning
  • Moorhead and Clay County Planning Commissions
  • Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments
  • Minnesota House - Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs Committee
  • Vice Chair for the West Central Regional Development Commission
Tax and Finance
  • Chair of Moorhead Finance and Administration committee
  • Chair of MN House State Government Finance committee
  • Minnesota Legislative Commission - Planning and Fiscal Policy
  • MN House - Tax, Health and Human Service Finance, Capital Investment, Ways and Means, and Property and Local Sales Tax committees
Human Resources
  • Chair of Minnesota Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
  • Legislative Coordinating Commission Subcommittee on Employee Relations
  • Helped establish the first human resources departments for both the City of Moorhead and Concordia College
Coalition Building Organizations
  • President of Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities
  • President of Minnesota Mayor’s Association
  • President of Rural Initiatives Coalition
  • Executive Committee for Minnesota Legislative Commission to End Poverty by 2020
  • League of Minnesota Cities
  • Minnesota’s Sesquicentennial Commission
  • Founder and Co-Chair for the International Coalition for Land and Water Stewardship
  • Chair and Incorporating Board Member for the Red River Basin Board
Community Foundations
  • Incorporating board member and officer for West Central Minnesota Initiative Fund
  • Incorporating board member for Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
  • Vice Chair and board member for the Fargo - Moorhead Area Foundation
  • Founder and board member for the Heritage-Hjemkomst Center

Water Resources

Morrie Lanning has been engaged in water resource issues for over 40 years. He has been working to address issues of flooding, water supply, water quality, and land use in the Red River Basin and the State of Minnesota. He has prepared and presented numerous papers, testimony, speeches, and legislative proposals on a range of water resource topics emphasizing a watershed and basin water management approach.

Land and Water Management
  • Authored legislation to establish a basin-wide approach in developing a comprehensive water management plan addressing flooding, water supply and water quality issues.
  • Founded, chaired and secured funding for the International Coalition for Land and Water Stewardship in the Red River Basin and the Red River Basin Board and Commission.
  • Advises the Red River Basin Commission and serves as a member of its Long-Range Planning Committee.
  • Co-chaired Red River Valley Mayor’s Association leading to the convening of the first Annual International Summit Conference on land and water issues that has continued every year since 1982.
  • Served on the International Legislator’s Forum Steering Committee advocating a focus on water resource issues.
  • Involved in responding to nine major floods in the Red River Basin.
  • Served on the Souris-Red-Rainy River Basin Commission Flood Plain Study Board.
  • Worked to secure 100 million dollars from the State of Minnesota for flood mitigation projects in his legislative district.
  • Secured one million dollars from Minnesota and North Dakota in 2009 to develop a Long-Term Flood Solutions Plan for the Red River Basin that helped achieve consensus in implementing actions to reduce flooding impacts.
Water Supply
  • Advocates efforts to protect and enhance water supply for our region and state working with local, state, and federal officials.
  • Worked on water supply issues with:
    • International Legislators Forum
    • US Geological Service
    • MN Department of Natural Resources
    • MN Board of Soil and Water Resources
    • Red River Basin Commission
    • Red River Valley Water Supply Project
    • Lake Agassiz Water Authority
    • Watershed districts and local governments
  • Advocates multi-jurisdictional action to develop a long-term drought solutions plan for the Red River Basin.
Water Quality
  • Founded, chaired and co-chaired the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities Environmental Policy Committee advocating the use of the best and most up-to-date science in imposing water quality standards resulting in substantial savings while protecting water quality.
  • Served as a MN representative on the Great Lakes Commission.
  • Supported the adoption of the Great Lakes Compact protecting water quality.
  • Supported legislation prohibiting phosphorous in lawn fertilizer and reducing mercury emissions by 90%.
Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Worked to build a new 27 million dollar wastewater treatment facility for the City of Moorhead improving the treatment process and the quality of water discharge.
  • Worked for a 13.5 million dollar renovation and expansion of the Moorhead Water Treatment Plan improving the treatment process and reducing reliance on ground water resources.
  • Provided oversight of the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority as Chair of the Minnesota House of Representatives State Government Finance Committee.

Organizational Leadership and Management

Throughout his professional and public service careers, Morrie Lanning has studied, taught, and practiced what it takes to have effective leadership and management. Every organization needs to be properly led and managed in order to be successful. Leadership and management are different but related skills important for any organization. Morrie uses a multi-faceted approach to helping organizations improve their leadership and management skills.

  • Defining leadership and key actions leaders need to perform.
  • Dispelling leadership myths.
  • Assessing leadership styles.
  • Establishing and achieving a mission.
  • Exploring servant leadership and leadership ethics.
  • Defining management and key actions managers need to perform.
  • Determining program and initiative outcomes.
  • Balancing resource expenditures with results.
  • Addressing legal and ethical decision making.
Leadership vs. Management
  • Defining differences between leadership and management.
  • Discovering how each impacts your business.